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Dining With Danielle DiPietro

Health & Wellness Coaching

Individualized Game Plans

One on One Sessions

Taking the Stigma out of "Good" vs "Bad Foods"


My Story

I had struggled to maintain a healthy relationship with food for years. Growing up in the theater, there was so much stress put on "diet culture" that I trained myself to think that eating was bad. Carbs were bad, Fats were bad and I was bad as well. This toxic mindset unfortunately plagued me until early 2019 when I discovered the science of Macronutrients, the breathability of Flexible Nutrition and the mindset of Intuitive Eating. I realized that I virtually stopped my own metabolism from years of under-consuming food. Now, not only do I eat more than ever before so that I can fuel my body, but I have found joy with food and wanted to help others find that joy as well!

This journey inspired me to get my Certification in Exercise Nutrition through Precision Nutrition. Through my education with Precision Nutrition and my time spent as a Health Enthusiast with The Vitamin Shoppe, I not only have nutritional knowledge but expertise in sports supplements, vitamins and herbs as well. 


 Whether your goal is to:

- Eat More Veggies

- Learn How To Fuel Your Body

- Create A Better Sleep/Stress/Recovery Cycle

- Make Food Fun


We can figure out a path that is right for you!

Interested in Coaching With Me 
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