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Scrooge No More! Danielle DiPietro
Danielle DiPietro

Our Animated Life

What happens when Danielle, a writer dates Beau, an animator? They develop their own series of animated short stories ! Our Animated Life is a series inspired by true stories from Danielle and Beau's 7 plus year relationship. Stay tuned for the series launch coming soon!

*For more information on Beau, check out

Danielle spent the 2019 - 2020 and the

2021 -2022 holiday seasons performing

at Busch Gardens Williamsburg as

Mrs. Fezziwig in Scrooge No More!  

* Click the logo for link to the Busch Gardens Website

Much Ado About Something

Boston Conservatory at Berklee MFA Thesis Performance

Danielle and her partner, Brianna LaShay co-wrote and starred in Much Ado About Something, a prequel to Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing. In this piece they focused in on how Hero and Beatrice determine their self-worth.  Why are Hero's lines in the play only either about a man, the lack of a man or outward appearance? Why is Beatrice so dead set against marrying?

Click the link and watch our piece to find out!

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